Activities to do at home

We've gathered a variety of different activities that you can do at home whether you're young or young at heart, have fun!

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Easter Activities

Click here to find a variety of activities about the Easter Story.

Lock Up that Monster

Lock up the Monster Craft - God loves us, don't be afraid!

Lock up that Monster!

Sometimes it can feel like our problems surround us and there’s no escape. We are worried, scared and sometimes even frightened. The Bible tells us that God is always with us no matter what. We don’t have to fight our monsters alone because God is always with us. God loves us!

Make a monster to represent all the things you’re worried about right now and then put him behind bars! God is always with us, no matter what, so there’s no need to be afraid.

Click on the document for instructions.

Palm Sunday Craft

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus entering Jerusalem at the beginning of Holy week. As he arrived, the crowds cheered and waved branches made of Palm Leaves. Only a few days later, Jesus was crucified and three days later He rose from the dead. Today we have Palm Crosses at church to help us remember this special day.

When you are next out in your garden or you go for a walk, collect some leaves (make sure it is safe to do so!).

Use the leaves to make your own cross. You could glue them on to paper, twist them together, stick them on to pieces of cardboard or anything else you can think of. Be creative!

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Turn Hate into Love

The Bible tells us to love one another. Hating someone just makes us miserable. Jesus tells us to forgive our enemies and turn hate into love.

Write the word HATE on a page. Can you turn it into LOVE by changing one letter at a time. Each time you change a letter, the new word must be a real word.

How many changes do you need to reach love?

The Burning Bush

In the Bible, God talks to Moses in a burning bush. He tells Moses that He has chosen him to go and free the Israelite slaves from their Egyptian masters. Today we can still talk to God and hear what he wants us to do in our lives. The most common way we can talk to God is by praying.

Make your own Burning Bush by cutting out leaves in red, orange and yellow (if you can't find those colours, use paint or colouring pencils to colour in your leaves). Can you think of some words that describe a fire to write onto your leaves (flicker, glow, burn, roar...)?

Make sure your leaves have a really long stalk on them that you can wrap around your branches to hang them.

Make a tree out of twigs you've found whilst in the garden or out for a walk or cut up an old cereal box to make your own branches.

Add your burning leaves on to the tree to finish.


Daniel and the Lion's Den

Daniel prays to God every day at his window. Even when the King passes a law declaring that everyone must only worship him or they will be thrown into a pit of lions, Daniel still continues to pray to God at the window. When Daniel is arrested and thrown to the lions, his enemies expect him to be killed but God protects him and he spends the entire night in the lion's den without being harmed.

Make your own lion's den out of an old shoe box or cereal box. What can you find to decorate it or what pictures can you stick on?

Can you add some lions? Make a model of Daniel or draw or print a picture and stick it onto cardboard and add him to your lions den. Remember, even when things are scary or hard, God is with us...just like He was for Daniel.

If you want to use a printable backdrop, Daniel and lions, click on the link on the left.

Colouring Pages.docx

Bible Themed Colouring Pages

Click on the link on the left to find a selection of colouring pages based on Bible verses.