Palm Sunday Activities

Make a Cross!

When you are next out in your garden or you go for a walk, collect some leaves (make sure it is safe to do so!).

Use the leaves to make your own cross in any way you choose. Be creative!

Palm Sunday Prayers

Draw round your hand. On the pal of the hand, write down your prayer. On each finger, write down something you are thankful for and remember to Thank God for them.


Messy Palm Sunday Ideas

Click on the link to the left to find lots of different activities themed around Palm Sunday. Many are food-based! These ideas are from Messy Church.

Make a Palm Tree

Make your own palm tree using your hand prints!

Draw a trunk onto a piece of plain paper and then use green paint to create hand-print palm leaves. If you don't have any green paint, draw round your hand on green paper or colour it in. 3D Option - use a finished kitchen roll tube as the trunk and stick on your handprints.

Palm Sunday Colouring Pages.docx

Palm Sunday Colouring Pages

Click on the link to the left to find a selection of colouring pages about Palm Sunday.