Easter Activities

Easter Story figures.docx

Create your own Empty Tomb

On Easter Sunday, many people discovered that Jesus had come back to life - there were Romans guarding the tomb, Mary Magdalene who had come to clean the body and Peter and John (two of Jesus's disciples) who ran to find out what had happened. Angels appeared to tell them Jesus was alive and Jesus himself appeared.

Use the templates on the left to print out the different people and create your own empty tomb. You can stick the picture of the tomb onto an empty tissue box or similar and have fun retelling the story with your Easter puppets.


Easter Colouring Pages

Click on the link to the left to download a selection of Easter themed colouring pages.

Easter Cross Painting

On Good Friday, Jesus died on a cross but on Easter Sunday he defeated death and rose to life again!

Make a cross using masking tape on some white paper and then use different coloured paint to make a colourful design. When you're finished and the paint has dried a little, peel the masking tape off and you'll be left with a cross in the middle of your picture to remind us that Jesus died and rose again for all of us.